Home Concept Magazine - Singapore May 2007 Pages 22 and 23

Lost at E Minor - June 2, 2007

Cool Hunting 2007

Frank Mag 2007

Tasmanian Life Magazine - Autumn 2006, Cover and pages 24 and 25.

South Coast Leisure Times - 2006 Issue #58, Page 7 & 9

Lost at Eminor - 18 - 05 - 06 / no.68

City Weekly 29th April page 17

Crema - Autumn 2006, page43

Australian Style 2006, Singapore - March 1-14

CITY WEEKLY - Thursday 21st July 2005 Page 6


CREMA MAGAZINE - WINTER 2005 "Liz McKay's fabulous vibrant works are about people and cafes. Love, attraction, intriguing expressions, secret glances, stylish figures and captured moments are all elements in her work. Reminiscent of 1920s and 30s Europe, her works are a sensual yet evocative expression of love..."

AGORA GALLERY NEW YORK - ART MINE 2004"Compelling explorations of the correlation between color, mood and human interaction, Australian painter Liz McKay's art seeks out the inexplicit emotions and thoughts that pass, unspoken, between the paired individuals that she depicts. Her vivid acrylic paintings delve into the cryptic chemistry of human relationships, with unusual portraits of couples dressed for a night on the town. In McKay's work, man and woman gaze into one another's eyes - or, it sometimes seems, inconspicuously just miss the other's glance by a centimeter or two - while smiling wordlessly. While at first the couples appear simply and completely enraptured in their togetherness - they stand intimately close, at times even nose-to-nose or eyeball-to-eyeball - one must wonder what intricacies of emotion lie beneath the cheerful visages. With vibrant colors as backdrops to the pale figures in monochrome fine attire, McKay strives to draw subconscious connections between the ambient color of a scene and the emotions those colors inspire."


"Sisters Jane and Liz McKay have combined their artistic talents for the first time to create two stunning exhibitions at the Kings Art Café."

"... Inspired by a recent trip to Europe, Night is an atmospheric, sophisticated and intriguing exhibition featuring paintings that explore the relationships between mood, the hours of darkness and human interaction through the use of colour. The contrast between the two relationship concepts makes for a dramatic display and an exciting exhibition."

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